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Android scalar board Mstar 828,638 series

Android scalar board Mstar 828,638 series
   TVE.MSD828.2 is android TV integrated control board,
 which of SOC is the advanced MSD6A828EVC from MSTAR.
 Not only does the board suit normal TV market, but also fits better for educational touch panel market. The board is compatible with IR bezel which allows user to switch among Windows , Android and TV simply through touch motion.
    The board supports temperature sensor and light detector. The backlight of screen is able to alter automatically under different light conditions.
The board offers connecters to OPS, interfaces includes HDMI, UART.
   It offers LVDS interface 1920*1080/60HZ for LCD panel .Meanwhile MST6M30 is integrated by client’s option which enables the board to drive panel up to 1920*1080 10bit/120HZ.
   It offers HDMI (1.4A) output for all sources, which including VGA, HDMI, ATV/DTV,CVBS,YPbPr, Android.
The board supports both Ethernet in and out, is able to be awaken by internet(WOL). 
Features 1:A53 Quad core,64 bit
2:Annotation under full channel
3:Ethernet in/out
4:Display Port input
5:Full channel HDMI output
6:OPS 80-pin interface
7:Control PC by TV remote